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TRAA Projects

"Hands-on Environmentalism" is what we do ...
This is what sets the TRAA apart from other clubs and organizations. You'll find us right in the water clearing obstructions from streams, measuring returning salmonids & taking scale samples for DNA analysis, education through trout hatchery tours & stream walks, being a voice for the Thames River watershed & its inhabitants and the list goes on.


Here's some Current and past TRAA Projects


Salmonid Monitoring Program
Spring 2013 will be our fourth year of this 5-year project.
Tagged TroutHere's an overview of what happened over a few weekends in the
Spring of 2012 when TRAA members and personnel from the Upper
Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) waded in for Year 3
of our 5-year Salmonid Tagging and Monitoring Program ...read more


TRAA Trout Hatchery
Rearing both brown and rainbow trout.
Trout FryThe TRAA first began rearing rainbow trout in an outdoor upwelling incubation box back in 1986. Since then we've successfully taken on both brown trout and brook trout eggs ...read more



Project Archives

Walleye Hatchery

Stream Rehabilitation

Brook Trout Project