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TRAA Stream Rehabilitation

The TRAA trout hatchery is fun and educational but the TRAA is not about stocking fish for a "put & take" style of fishery.

We understand the connection between a healthy aquatic ecosystem and the sustainability of a naturally reproducing fish population, regardless of the species.


The work parties and the work involved at each event vary greatly. Some are very technical, some are just hard slugging and others are a good blend of both.

There are lots of different jobs at each event requiring an array of strengths and capabilities. In other words, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun; whether your young or old, a lightweight or a bull, everyone has a place and a job at a TRAA stream rehabilitation work party!

The following are some pages illustrating some of our past stream rehabilitation work parties:

Feb 2012 - Selective removal of deadfalls, blowdowns and other in-stream debris

Sep/Oct 2011 - Building in-stream current deflectors