Efforts are underway
to get the $$$
we need to continue many of the TRAA's most vital projects:

Improvements to the
Trout Fry
TRAA Trout Hatchery

Continuation of the

Salmonid Monitoring Program

Komoka Creek
Hydrological Study

Please email us if
you'd like to take
an active role in
raising the funds
needed for these
and other important TRAA activities.



TRAA Membership
Only $25!!!!Membership








TRAA Memberships

This is the BEST Membership Deal You can Buy!!
Some people have a hard time paying to volunteer. Well if that's you, just give us $25.00 every year and we won't bug you - much. You'll get a card that says your a TRAA member and you'll get periodic updates on what you're missing out on.

Participate, Help Out, Have Fun and give a little bit back to the Thames River watershed!

Not only does $25.00 get you in good standing as a TRAA member, it also includes everyone in your immediate family!

Member Collage

The best way to join up is to attend a TRAA event or email us for other options.

If you want to go old school just mail a cheque to:
Thames River Anglers Association
c/o Western Ontario Fish & Game Protective Association
790 Southdale Road East
London, Ontario
N6E 1A8