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Continuation of the

Salmonid Monitoring Program

Komoka Creek
Hydrological Study

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Welcome to the TRAA

Dedication Today for Tomorrow
"For the enhancement, protection and promotion of a viable,
multi-species fishery within the Thames River watershed.



TRAA Summer "Meetings" - The August Evening Fish is CANCELLED!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fishing Fanshawe CAWe were organizing an evening fishing event at Fanshawe Reservoir but there hasn't been enough interest so we've cancelled it with the option of maybe organizing something next week.

It's probably just as well with the high water level, as well as the temperature and the barometer falling - the fishing would probably be lousy anyway.

We'll be in touch with any updates but if you have questions or suggestions, contact us.




Hatchery Reno' Parties

Here's your chance to roll up your sleeves and be a part of what will make you proud to be a TRAA member!

Roofing Hatchery 20068:00am, July 19 & 20, 2014

We'll be installing the new steel roof on the TRAA trout hatchery to replace the one pictured at left that was hammered down in 2006. With the amount of tree cover and constant humidity by the creek, an asphalt shingle roof just doesn't last so we're going with steel this time around.
We will also be putting a fresh coat of stain on the hatchery which would give it excellent curb appeal if the closest curb wasn't 5 or 6 kilometers away!
These projects will run on both the Saturday and the Sunday, so if you can make either or both days, we'd be happy to see you!



New Upwelling box

8:00am, August 9th & 10th

This will be another ambitious project that will involve the removal of the upwelling box and the circular growth tank so that the old floor pictured at the right can be replaced with new pressure treated plywood flooring.
While the growth tank is out there will be a new standpipe installed as well.
Everything will be re-installed using Fernco couplings so any future need to move the equipment will easier with this connection system.



Hatchery Interior

8:00am, August 23rd & 24th

This week will find us installing white vented soffit to the underside of the trusses inside the hatchery. This will create a ceiling that will still allow the air to circulate. Best of all, it will give the hatchery a pleasant and more inviting interior space as well as providing brighter and more diffused lighting. This will help greatly for regular hatchery chores and for the tours we conduct.
As you can see in the picture at left, the existing bare rafters do nothing to enhance the lighting or the appeal of the hatchery.


The TRAA hatchery will be disinfected and fully commissioned on the weekend of September 13th so that we're ready to receive this fall's allotments of brown and brook trout eggs.
If you're interested in these hatchery events or any other TRAA projects, please contact us.




TRAA Raffle for Custom Built Spinning Rod
Only 200 tickets for this one-of-a-kind, hand built rod are available for only $5.00 each.

Spinning Rod 2

This spinning rod was built by Paul Noble on a Rainshadow RX7, two piece, 7-foot rod blank that's based on 43-million modulus high strain graphite fiber and bonded with a space age resin system. It's very lightweight with superb strength and sensitivity. It has a moderate/light action making it perfect for smallmouth bass, walleye and trout as it's rated for 6-10 pound test line and lures weighing 1/16-5/16 ounces.

Spinning Rod 1

The cosmetics of the emerald green thread and gold trim echo the TRAA colours and set off the subtle matte grey blank. It has a unique yet functional triangular reel seat
and a generous cork grip for all-day casting and fish-fighting comfort.
These tickets are likely to go quickly so don't be disappointed - get yours now! While they last they'll be available at all TRAA special and social events and from TRAA members. You can also try to get your hands on tickets by contacting us.



Rainbow Trout Release

Fry into Transfer TankThis spring's hatch of rainbow trout was incredibly successful with low mortality resulting in a phenomenal total of over 40,000 fry ready for release day on Saturday June 21, 2014.

TRAA members and guests met at the Country Hearth Restaurant in Komoka and car-pooled to the hatchery site to help out moving the fry from the hatchery to the TRAA transfer tank.

The rainbow trout fry were released into Dingman Creek.

There are more pictures of this year's rainbow trout release, see the Events page by clicking here.





Meet this Year's TRAA Executive & Committee Chairs
The TRAA held its elections at the March Annual General Meeting and many of the faces you'll recognize as many of the faces are the same! In addition, the Committee Chairs were also decided upon.

Without further ado, here are the folks that'll be steering the course for the TRAA through the upcoming year.

Executive 2014
L: Rob Huber, President
and Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

M: Jeremy Beaton, Vice President
and Habitat Committee Co-Chair

R: Dan Schinkelshoek, Chairman

L: Archie Graham, Treasurer

M: Wil Mulder, Secretary

R: Randy Bailey, Warmwater Committee Chair and Public Relations Committee Co-Chair


R: Paul Holmes, Habitat Committee Co-Chair

M: Stephen Jones, Trout Committee Co-Chair

R: Paul Noble, Social Committee Chair and Web Site Chair







Local Businesses Step Up to Help Out the TRAA
The support of the following area business people is much appreciated

mumaDuring the February General Meeting the TRAA voted unanimously to re-name the TRAA trout hatchery honouring Keith Wales' memory and his unselfish support of the TRAA's work in the London area, in particular Komoka Creek. Special thanks go out to Muma Manufacturing in St. Thomas for donating the beautiful laser-cut aluminum sign.

After cleaning up the area around the TRAA shed and trout hatchery, our trailer was quite full and needed to be emptied. A big 'thank you' goes out to Rick Vandersluis and Mike Seabrook of Try Recycling who allowed the TRAA to empty the trailer at their facility free of charge.

Angling Sports
Before we could take the trailer to Try Recycling, we needed to get the spare tire for the trailer fixed. Pat Devincenzo, proprietor of Angling Sports, offered to get it repaired. Turns out the tire needed replacing and Pat took care of it.
Angling Sports also supplied cards for all TRAA members that entitle them to a discount equal to the tax on anything in the store.
Thanks Pat, your generosity is greatly appreciated.



Speaking of Support, Check Out this Offer from Ian Colin James!

This was an opportunity open only to TRAA members.

Ian_JamesRyan Simard was the lucky winner of a draw to spend an entire day on the Thames River or the Grand River learning to fly fish from Ian James, a world class guide and instructor! If you throw in that he's a sought-after speaker, teaches a course on fly fishing environmentalism at Fanshawe College and is a bestselling author, Ryan's day on the water has the possibility of becoming an event. We don't think Ryan's ever cast a fly before but no problem, Ian will have him casting well enough to catch fish within half an hour.
If you still want that one day on the river with Ian, go out Ian's Website to check out his page on guiding.
On behalf of Ryan and the rest of the TRAA, thank you Ian!