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Welcome to the TRAA

Dedication Today for Tomorrow
"For the enhancement, protection and promotion of a viable,
multi-species fishery within the Thames River watershed.


TRAA General Meeting - Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 7:00PM


Come on out to a TRAA General Meeting and shake off those February blues!

If you haven't been out to a meeting before, or if it's been a while, feel free to join us.

TRAA General Meetings are at the Western Ontario Fish & Game Protective Association clubhouse, 790 Southdale Road East, London. We like to start at 7:00PM sharp, so please show up a little bit early to make sure you're all settled in.

As always, you bring a guest, as new faces are always welcome!







Brown Trout are in the TRAA Hatchery!

The Thames River Anglers Association received their brown trout egg allotment on December 19th.

A rotation of TRAA members go out each day to complete daily tasks such as clearing screens, taking water measurements, and removing any dead or unhatched eggs to prevent the growth of fungus.

Here's a video of the newly hatched trout fry with their initial feed sacs. Once these sacs are consumed, the trout fry can rise from the bottom and swim over a slight gap to enter a second cell where they will be netted and transferred to the larger circular growth tank for the remainder of their captivity before being released in April 2024.

Check out the TRAA channel for more videos on the club activities, and if you like it please subscribe.







TRAA Executives

Rob Huber
Vice President
Paul Holmes
Jeremy Beaton
Randy Bailey
Paul Noble

TRAA Volunteer Committee Chairs

Dan Schinkelshoek

Pud Hunter

Jeremy Beaton
Paul Holmes
Randy Bailey

Public Relations
Paul Noble

Hatchery Management
Randy Bailey
Paul Holmes

Dan Schinkelshoek