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Welcome to the TRAA

Dedication Today for Tomorrow
"For the enhancement, protection and promotion of a viable,
multi-species fishery within the Thames River watershed.


"Last Cast" Italian Pilsner
The Latest Collaboration between the TRAA & London Brewing Co-op!

Last Cast Beer

Due to popular demand, the TRAA and the London Brewing Co-op have again teamed up to bring you another limited-edition beer... just in time for summer!

It's London Brewing Co-op's Italian Pilsner, but with hops grown locally just outside of Parkhill to create a unique brew just for the TRAA edition of "Last Cast"!

We'll be launching the beer on Saturday June 18th (in time for Father's Day, oh ya) but you can place your order NOW by clicking here!


Note that this is a limited run so once it's gone, you'll have to try to bum a can off a fellow TRAA member... good luck with that!









TRAA Fishing Evenings - July & August 2022

There are no TRAA General Meetings during the months of July and August so we like to go fishing instead!
A new fishing spot on the Thames River watershed in the London, Ontario area will be featured every Thursday of July and August. We meet around 5:30pm and fish until, umm, we stop!

While this is an activity for TRAA members, there is nothing stopping non-members from coming out, meeting us, and perhaps bringing along $25 to become a member!

PottersburgThursday, August 18th - Pottersburg Dog Park

Turn south off of Hamilton Road opposite Gore Road toward the pollution plant and park beside the Pottersburg Off-Leash Dog Park.

Wading is recommended but not necessary.

Target species are smallmouth bass, carp and river redhorse with chances at pike and freshwater drum.






Springbank-MapThursday, August 25th - Springbank Park

Park In front of Storybook Gardens.

Wading is recommended but not necessary.

Target species are smallmouth bass and pike with chances at walleye, river redhorse, freshwater drum, channel catfish and the odd muskie.










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