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Welcome to the TRAA

Dedication Today for Tomorrow
"For the enhancement, protection and promotion of a viable,
multi-species fishery within the Thames River watershed.



TRAA Presented the Film "DamNation"
at the Wolfe Performance Hall, London, Ontario
Thursday, June 18, 2015

"A moving documentary, a great venue to show it and all in support of a meaningful issue in our city: the decommissioning of Springbank Dam ...a not-so-great chapter in London's history. Thank you TRAA"
- Kenneth B. (Screening Attendee)

As you are likely aware, Springbank Dam has been back in the news with rookie mayor Matt Brown attempting to gain support for the misguided repair of this monument to environmental and fiscal disaster.

If you are a fan of free-flowing rivers for the health of our aquatic ecosystems and your community and you missed this screening, you'll want to check out this moving piece of cinema on Netflex or anywhere else you can find it.
For a taste, click here for the trailer.

It's our hope that upon viewing the movie "DamNation" you'll be inspired to carry your concerns for the health of our local aquatic and riparian ecosystem to your city councilors.

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to Click Here to review and consider signing & sharing our petition to the City of London to encourage them to decommission Springbank Dam.

This dam was originally built on the nationally recognized heritage Thames River to create a reservoir in downtown London, Ontario so that it could serve historical recreational purposes. The petition includes a full background and the attached fact sheet is something we put together.



Family Fishing Day - Fanshawe C.A.
Saturday, July 11, 2015 - 8:00AM to 1:00PM

Kid & CarpThis event has become another TRAA tradition. Members have been helping the Fanshawe Campers Association with the Family Fishing Day for many years now.

Come on out and help the kids rig up, sort out the odd tangle and generally show them some fishing basics. It's both fun and rewarding.

All you have to do is go to the Fanshawe Conservation Area gate, say you're a TRAA member (have your membership card handy) and drive to the boat launch area - you'll see us set up there!

Note that you only need to spend an hour or two, or spend the whole time sharing your help and knowledge - it's up to you. Every hour counts toward a great time for all!

Please contact us if you have questions or need help getting there & home again.





3rd Annual TRAA Paddle & Fish
Saturday, July 18, 2015

Paddle & Fish

We will be holding our 3rd Annual Paddle & Fish July 18th.
Members are asked to meet at the Tim Horton's on Veteran's Memorial Parkway to get organized.
Try to be there a little early as we'll be leaving at 7:00AM sharp for the launch point.

We'll be putting in at the Veteran's Memorial Parkway bridge, paddling and fishing down to Pottersburg Park.
Veterans of previous TRAA Paddle & Fish events will note that this is a significantly shorter route. This will hopefully swing the focus a little more toward the fishing aspect of the trek rather than it being the endurance paddle it has been in past years!

Note that as a participant, you are responsible for all required safety gear including a PFD for those in your watercraft. It should go without saying that this is a section of the South Thames River so choose your watercraft accordingly. Also be sure to bring drinking water, snacks, sunscreen and appropriate clothing/gear items for the conditions.
Oh yeah, and your fishing stuff!

A "get-together" afterward will be subject to time and general interest. An email to the general membership will detail this as we get closer to the date.

Please contact us with your questions or if you have further ideas.




Rainbow Trout Release
Monday, June 22, 2015

Rainbow Release 1The rainbow trout fry were released into Dingman Creek with the help of a Grade 4 class from Princess Elizabeth Public School.

Special thanks to TRAA members Jenn Stewart, Adam Bengen, Bill Vandewetering and Rob Huber for taking the time to help out with the this event.


Click here for more pictures and information from this fun and rewarding day.





TRAA General Meeting
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 8:00PM


This will be the first meeting after our summer break!

Note that there will be no TRAA General Meetings in July or August as we'll be concentrating on work parties and fishin'!

The level of activity and excitement has never been higher so we need everyone to come out to the September meeting and get up to date on the issues and the news.

As usual the venue for our General Meetings is the Western Ontario Fish & Game Protective Association's clubhouse, 790 Southdale Road, London, Ontario.
If you need know more about our General Meetings, please contact us.





Steelhead Tagging and Monitoring is done for this season

TaggedTRAA members and personnel from the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) have finished up the Salmonid Tagging and Monitoring Program for this spring.
It looks like all the migratory Rainbow trout have visited Komoka Creek, done their thing and have dropped back down as there appears to be none spotted during recent stream walks.
This program for steelhead (migratory rainbow trout) on Komoka Creek has been extended to continue and will begin again in the spring of 2016.
Thanks to all who helped out this year and a special shout out to John and Jason of the UTRCA


If you see a tag such as this please report it to the Ministry of Natural resources regardless of whether the fish is to be released or harvested.



TRAA Annual General Meeting Results

The TRAA's AGM on Wednesday, March 11th was well attended and this year's Executive and Volunteer Chairs positions were decided. Here's who will be guiding the TRAA until March 2016:

TRAA Executives
Rob Huber
Vice President
Jeremy Beaton
Will Mulder
Randy Bailey
Paul Holmes

TRAA Volunteer Committee Chairs
Dan Schinkelshoek
Stephen Jones
Paul Holmes
Adam Bengen
Jeremy Beaton
Paul Holmes
Public Relations
Rob Huber
Randy Bailey
Paul Noble
Web Site
Paul Noble
Hatchery Management    
Randy Bailey
Marco Dariano
Adam Bengen
Gary Elson




Local Businesses Step Up to Help Out the TRAA
The support of the following area business people is much appreciated

mumaDuring the February General Meeting the TRAA voted unanimously to re-name the TRAA trout hatchery honouring Keith Wales' memory and his unselfish support of the TRAA's work in the London area, in particular Komoka Creek. Special thanks go out to Muma Manufacturing in St. Thomas for donating the beautiful laser-cut aluminum sign.

After cleaning up the area around the TRAA shed and trout hatchery, our trailer was quite full and needed to be emptied. A big 'thank you' goes out to Rick Vandersluis and Mike Seabrook of Try Recycling who allowed the TRAA to empty the trailer at their facility free of charge.

Angling Sports
Before we could take the trailer to Try Recycling, we needed to get the spare tire for the trailer fixed. Pat Devincenzo, proprietor of Angling Sports, offered to get it repaired. Turns out the tire needed replacing and Pat took care of it.
Angling Sports also supplied cards for all TRAA members that entitle them to a discount equal to the tax on anything in the store.
Thanks Pat, your generosity is greatly appreciated.



Speaking of Support, Check Out this Offer from Ian Colin James!

This was an opportunity open only to TRAA members.

Ian_JamesRick Ornato is the new winner of a draw to spend an entire day on the Thames River or the Grand River learning to fly fish from Ian James, a world class guide and instructor! If you throw in that he's a sought-after speaker, teaches a course on fly fishing environmentalism at Fanshawe College and is a bestselling author, Ryan's day on the water has the possibility of becoming an event. We don't think Ryan's ever cast a fly before but no problem, Ian will have him casting well enough to catch fish within half an hour.
If you still want that one day on the river with Ian, go out Ian's Website to check out his page on guiding.
On behalf of Rick and the rest of the TRAA, thank you Ian!
A special "Thank You" goes out to Ryan Simard for donating this prize back for the second drawing.