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Spring Catfish Wrangling Extravaganza!

March 28 to April 17, 2021

Catfish Wrangler

Entry to the Derby

Entry to the derby is by payment of $20 per angler, submitted either via EMT to catfish@anglers.org OR paid in person at Angling Sports (CASH ONLY) and adding your name and contact number to the registration list there. Entry deadline to participate in WEEK 1 is Saturday, March 27th at 8pm. Entries received between Sunday March 28th and Saturday April 3rd at 8pm will be eligible for WEEKS 2 and 3. Entries received from Sunday April 4th to Saturday April 10th will be eligible for WEEK 3 of the derby.


Format of the Derby

The Spring Catfish Wrangling Extravaganza is a 3 week derby that consists of three separate weeks of Catfishing. Each Week is a separate “sub-derby” with prizes for top 3 fish (measured by length). At the end of the third week, there will be a grand prize for the Largest Overall Catfish submitted and verified over the duration of the derby. Additional prizes may be added based on the enrollment in the derby. The more participants we have, the more prizes that will be available.

Rules for Catfish to be Submitted:

This derby is open to all bullheads, and CHANNEL catfish only. Fish must be caught in Ontario water to qualify for this derby. While there is a remote chance at catching a flathead catfish in Ontario, they will not be considered for submission in this derby. Derby Administrators will provide the Secret Code/Item that MUST appear in the submission pictures on the Saturday before the week commences, between 8 and 11pm. This secret item/code must appear clearly in the pictures that are submitted for verification. Fishing for each Week of the Spring Catfish Wrangling Extravaganza will begin after the secret item has been issued for that week. A submission post will be created and each entrant will post their BIGGEST catfish on a bump board (Commercially available, or Admin Approved homemade board) with the secret item.


Each entrant may only submit ONE fish per week. NO upgrades will be permitted. Deleting a previously submitted fish and resubmitting will result in disqualification from that week of the derby.

Week 1: Sunday March 28 to Saturday April 3rd at 8PM

Week 2: Sunday April 4th to Saturday April 10th at 8PM

Week 3: Sunday April 11th to Saturday April 17th at 8PM

Submissions will close promptly at 8pm on Saturday night, at which point the submission judges will check the entries and verify lengths.

LENGTHS WILL BE ROUNDED DOWN TO THE NEAREST ΒΌ”. (If a fish reaches further than 31-1/4, but does not touch the 31-1/2 marking, the fish will score 31-1/4”.)
Official results will be made available Sunday by 11pm. Weekly prizes will be awarded for top 3 fish submitted in that week.

If, during a given week of the derby, there is a tie, the advantage will be given to the fish submitted first.

In the event of a tie for Biggest Fish, the Week 2 submissions will be used to break the tie. If one of the tied anglers does not have a fish submitted in Week 2, his submission will be considered 0”. If neither angler has a Week 2 fish, Week 1 submissions will be used to break the tie. In the very unlikely event that none of these measures break the tie, the angler who submitted the “tied for biggest fish” first will be awarded the win and the prizes and the other angler will become the runner up.

Judge’s rulings are considered final. None of the judges that score this derby will be participating in the derby.

Grievances will be brought to the attention of Robert Huber, president of TRAA and administrator of the tournament, AND Josh Rogers, LOA Fish-On Liaison.

Bump Boards

All commercially available, rigid (folding is ok, flexible tape is not) bump boards will be considered acceptable for this derby. Angling Sports supplied Bump boards and Tapes will be considered acceptable provided they are used properly. Homemade bump boards may be used, but only if approved by the derby administrator. Home made bump boards must have a nose bump stop, and a clearly visible and uninterrupted measuring scale.

Submission Pictures

All submission pictures must clearly show the nose of the fish touching the bump stop. The entrant’s fishing license with name legible, and the secret code/item must also be clearly visible. The measurement scale must be clearly visible unless a commercially available board is used. If requested, a picture of the bump board must be provided to the judges, or disqualification of the fish will be the result.